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Odie has teamed up with the Ontario SPCA!


We donated $1,500 to the OSPCA 


Order your copy today and support the health and care of all animals!

We are sad to report that Odie passed away in the summer of 2019, after a wonderful life with a loving family. I thank him for the inspiration to write this book! He was one of a kind.

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Odie, the Story of One Good Dog

Meet Odie, the precocious Newfoundlander, who fills the home with love, laughter and a whole lot of mischief. Odie spends his days frolicking in the fields, chasing squirrels, and swimming in the family pool. But the one thing that Odie enjoys more than anything is eating. Despite her many efforts, Grandma has a hard time keeping him out of the pantry… See what happens when this big lovable dog rescues a few boys from drowning in the pond…